CABWI charity Change Please Coffee joins up with Colgate

The multi-national toothpaste brand Colgate has joined forces with social enterprise Change Please Coffee to highlight how a very special partnership is making essential dental services available to people facing homelessness, through a new TV advertisement campaign - Driving For Change (

The Colgate Driving for Change bus is more important than ever as the UK faces a huge cost-of-living crisis. At the end of 2022, 227,000 British households were experiencing the worst forms of homelessness – marking a steady increase over the past five years.

Through their Speciality Coffee Association accredited training centre, Change Please provides training on every aspect of coffee making from green beans and roasting to latte and customer service. They offer a complete wrap around offer to equip trainees with the skills and experience they need to start a new career as baristas and have a secure place to live.  

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